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The staff is very courteous and efficient. The doctors are attentive and compassionate about the well being of their clients.

They take the time to exam their clients, review their client's questionnaire, and listen to the concerns of their clients. The doctors holistic knowledge and experience put their clients at ease that they will be receiving great care.

I would diffidently recommend Park Forest Chiropractic.....

- Sondra P.


One of the most professional Dr's I have met. I was so very impressed with Dr's professionalism. Got better than I thought was possible with my lumbar spine.

- Cathy M.


My experience has been and continues to be AWESOME! Everyone is so friendly and professional. Dr. Tennant is very knowledgeable and skilled at helping people feel better in a more holistic manner.

- Kimberly H.


The doctors here are very friendly. They take their time and are very thorough. I never feel like they are rushing to get to the next patient. Very nice place! :)

- Jodi B.


This place is amazing! I had severe upper back pain for a year and just after my first adjustment I got relief! Very friendly staff and doctors. It's also affordable.

- Saleema M.


A friend of mine referred me here. Dr. Tennant cares about your well being holistically. Very nice physicians and staff, so worth the drive from the west side.

- Mario G.


I have had back spasms from spinal degeneration for 10 years caused by bad posture and improper stretching. This causes me to have trouble sitting for extended time, and trouble standing from a seated position and also had trouble walking. After treatment started at Park Forest Chiropractic, I improved weekly. I now realize I have to stop neglecting my back and start taking the time to stretch properly. I will continue to get adjusted and rehab my back. Thank you Park Forest Chiropractic!

- Joel H.


I had a lot of pain in my whole body for years and even had to use a cane to walk. I did not have a specific injury, the pain just started. I went to Dr. after Dr. and had medications and surgery and had some relief, but it was temporary. After going to Park Forest Chiropractic I can walk better and do no not even have to use a cane. I will recommend Park Forest Chiropractic to everyone. This is the best place. Everyone makes you feel great and they are very friendly.

- Maria D.


2 months ago I came to Park Forest Chiropractic for sharp and numbing pain in my left side. I couldn't sleep because of the pain. I also had some pain in my right hand and right leg. This had been going on for 2 weeks. After coming here for 6 weeks my pain is almost all gone ! I just want to say that all of the people in this facility are absolutely lovable. Within my first visit, I felt like part of the family. That alone makes the pain feel just a little bit better.

- Annette W.


I first came to Park Forest Chiropractic on January 25th for lower lumbar pain that I have had for 6+ years. It started because I sit for 10+ hours a day and the pain level was a 10/10. My primary care took x-rays and suggested Park Forest Chiropractic. I started Chiropractic care and therapy, and then rehab which really improved how I felt. Each weeks session was awesome! The entire team is amazing !

- Lanaya C.


I began having lower back and foot pain about 9 months ago. My job is very labor intensive and I'm sure all of the shoveling and wearing work boots daily was causing the issue. I sought help from a medical doctor one time, and did not return. My wife and I searched the internet and found Park Forest Chiropractic. I started coming in for treatment 3 months ago and my results were great!! Currently, my lower back pain is gone and my foot pain is 98% better! From the beginning, all of the staff members at Park Forest Chiropractic have been friendly and professional. I would recommend you guys to my friends and family!!

- Jose L.


I visited Park Forest Chiropractic on March 30th for serious Sciatic pain on my right side, so severe, I couldn't even walk without assistance. The pain started a few days before and I don't know what caused it. I went to my MD and received muscle relaxants, but had no relief for my pain. After starting Chiropractic care, the pain went from a 10 to 4 in a few visits and now is a 1 after less than a month.

- Jannell A.

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